Posted on February 12, 2010


Welcome earthlings (and earth-aliens) to my online scrapbook, my public dumpsite for all sorts of excerpts from my twisted mind. I plan to keep my writings short because I know that I’ll be too lazy to write comprehensive long texts on the subjects racing through my mind. For me, every post should just be the catalyst to a reaction that could eventually be labeled as a “healthy” discussion. So don’t just keep your opinion to your beautiful little self. Reply!!! Screw grammar, structure, etiquette and excuse my occasionally somewhat harsh language. Consider this intro post a pilot episode… I could do this blogging thing for just two times or maybe even for the coming 2 years. Who knows, right?!? Nobody is probably reading this shit anyways, but hey… the heck with it… it’s just my diary… I don’t need nobody to read it :P… just kidding… t’was my ego kicking in. *end of test post*
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