Ain’t No Such Things as Good News

Posted on February 13, 2010


It’s more then evident that we earthlings are true drama-queens. We like drama! More so, I think we love it – probably even live for it! I guess most probably don’t even wanna know good news unless it directly affects them. After all “bad news” makes for fiery conversations at the workplace, office, bus or bar. Who knows more about the latest big drama! Oh my God… They just reported that… Jeeez, they arrested… Snap, what’s going to happen next?!?

The best news to me in the last few days was the news of a survivor somewhere in Haiti. After 27 days this man still came out of the rubble alive. If that isn’t a beautiful story to tell, I don’t know what is. Nice example to show that there is reason to keep hoping, for this world is full of surprises.

Crazy is that this “great news” was hardly news at all. It didn’t contain the necessary dose of “drama” to put it in the spotlight long enough for everyone to notice. We did have all the time to talk about the extreme levels of snow in the District of Columbia. We did have all the time to talk about the “kidnappers” in Haiti who allegedly tried to smuggle children across the borders. In Holland, we did have all the time to talk about whether the Netherlands will be staying in Afghanistan or bailing, and what the repercussions would be if we bailed. A bit of news on Vancouver here and there. Reports of a surgical heart procedure on a former US-president.

Ain’t nuthing wrong with this, though. I keep following the news myself and like to stay informed about current events, but where is the good news? There must be something good happening somewhere thats worthy of a longer then-10-seconds coverage, right?!?

Bad news sells better!!! :S

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