Working Hard

Posted on June 30, 2010


Ahhhh… One more week to go. The last few weeks have been dominated by sleepless nights, energy drinks and a lot of physics and mathematics. It is the dreaded last weeks of the school-year and everybody is working hard to salvage whatever they can.

I have been doing 2 projects and a whole army of courses and amazingly I am doing good. Where I would normally have had a few subjects and barely pass, I now have a legion of stuff to do, through which I’m rolling like a freight-train.

In a lab for Digital Signal Processing, I have been building all sorts of filters on the Texas Instruments DSP. In Digital Control Systems we’ve been working on several PID controller simulations in MATLAB. Yeah, this stuff is crazy but I’m finally satisfied as I’m gaining a better understanding of all the theory I have been absorbing in the preceding years.

I’m feeling as if electronics engineering is no long that vague field I got myself involved with, it actually makes sense now.

As for my projects, hmmmm… let’s just say I know who to avoid the next time. I spend a lot of man-hours into this thing and I actually got my part finished way before the others were done with their parts, but “teamwork” is a alien phenomenon considered a myth in the group I am working with. Communication is poor, performance is not adequate for the level of expertise we are expected to have and I have a slight hunch that laziness is also playing a major part in this project.

Anyways, I just needed to get that off my chest… Now I got that out of the way it’s back to work for me… summer I’m coming. A few more things to get finished, a few more exams and that degree in Applied Sciences will be a step closer.

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