Posted on February 16, 2011


Crazy times… on one side I have a few projects I need to finish for school, on the other side a few music projects with gigs within the coming two weeks and in the midst of all of that I have my girlfriend, family and other of important things that need to get done.

It’s always easy to look from afar and admire a certain trait or skill, but these days I’m becoming more aware of the fact that the recipients of our admiration have probably suffered and withstood hardships the likes of which most of us probably aren’t too familiar with.

These few weeks I have attained a, to me, newfound appreciation for musicians. I’m a musician myself… I love music… I can’t live without it. Better yet, I have always had a great sense of respect and admiration for the creative geniuses known to mankind. But the type of respect I had for this exotic breed of people was always the form of respect one shows merely because of the incapability of imitate that respective prodigy due to underdeveloped skills. Today I respect musician not merely because I wouldn’t always be able to imitate them… quite frankly, that doesn’t matter anymore… I don’t want to imitate them. I am on my quest of molding my own sound and that, by default,  rules out imitation. I respect them because I have come to realize that the amount of work put in by these artists is tremendous.

Tomorrow, I will have a dress rehearsal for a little gospel concert at which I will be playing “some” piano. Actually, I’ll be playing the entire set with the rest of the band and boy, Oh boy!!! We’ve really worked ourselves to “death”… figuratively. I don’t regret this… As a matter of fact, I feel privileged to be able to play in a band comprised of a few conservatory students/graduates. By now, it’s probably clear that the level of the musicianship is not of the likes of a generic start-up-in-the-garage-and-see-where-we-end-up rockband… Nahh… I experience it more like a military training session… Thinking about these last weeks/months is like looking at a Rocky Balboa training montage for the big upcoming boxing match against that “unbeatable” opponent. Friday is the grand final… I believe it will go well.

And that’s it for music… for engineering… well… let’s just say… R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the engineers out there!!! I’m currently finishing up on my Bachelors program and… phew… it ain’t a piece of cake! Electronics Engineering is a b*tch — a lovely on though. One I can’t let go off… I guess the phrase “can’t live with, can’t live without” applies to Electronics Engineering in my case. I am still very motivated as I’ve seen one of the students I knew walk off today as a “engineer”, about the continue his journey at the Technical University in Eindhoven. I’m awaiting my turn…

As for my academic accomplishments… 2 quarters of fighting and we eventually haven’t managed to build a prototype in accordance to the specifications. I’ve heard that a engineering firm was hired another expert just because of the complexity of the product, which kind of makes me feel a bit less bad about our accomplishments; because we happened to have gotten reasonably far. The sad thing is that certain sections don’t work at all. Lots of stupid mistakes here and there but hey… that’s is what you’re a student for right?!? At least I’m learning from the grotesque mistakes made, but it is kind of frustrating talking about this project. Just talking about it seems to be pulling me down to the depressing depths where failure succeeds in mastering it’s victim’s emotions completely. For another project, we’ve had some vital processes running according to wish. Fresh new prospects there… guess we’re gonna make it. My days from 9am to 9pm will not go down in history as “futile” efforts.

I’m tired though. Regardless of all the good things happening. The pressure it immense, but bearable. As most of my classmates happen to share this fate with me, we find time to laugh at each others misfortune (they also laugh at mine). Is there any better medicine to relieve people from stress?!? 😀

But first, I’ll have to run out (into the cool night) and make some time for the misses. That’s important too.

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