Graffiti Comes to Life

Posted on February 20, 2011


Was just browsing some artist’s website/blog and stumbled across a few artistic masterpieces by a bunch of super artists. Man, they create some impressive works!!!

I personally kept thinking about challenges in creating this animation because they seriously painted the 10 minutes of material frame by frame. Imagine the time and manpower that this project demanded. Imagine the technical complications in recreating super-sized images, I know how difficult this could sometimes prove to be. Imagine all the arrangements they probably had to make — it seems unlikely that they would stroll around town with a paintbrush and bucket without any permission to dip some buildings in a new layer of paint. They probably went for the public spots. Notwithstanding the public walls, the preparations for this project were most certainly not of a diminutive nature. Kudos to the ARTSH team.

Too much rambling… take a look…

Whether you’re an evolutionist or not… we all probably have to admit that this is a beautiful artistic rendition of the theory.

Apart from animated graffiti, pronounced as /grəˈfi ti/ (gruhfee-tee) and not as gravity, there is also non-animated type… the likes we see everyday whilst on the highway, train, or walking to the store.

From São Paolo, Brazil, the Os Gemeos team rose to bring its artistic visions to light.

I also happened to stumble across some other nice stuff.

Here’s a nice mural by the twins, and a wonderful unplanned interview with a passer-by.

I’ll cut the “yada yada yada” short as you will most certainly find your way based on personal preference by just following links to your liking. All I just wanted to do was point it out. – had to pay homage to a local graffiti artist too, or did you think I’d forget 😛 – always willing to showcase great open-source software.

I’m out…

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