Another One of Those

Posted on February 23, 2011


The Gantts chart for a school project viewed in a Project Management tool

I figure everybody had to make on of these somewhere in their career. Just a Gantts chart. Nice tool for visually portraying tasks and phases. These tools even allow for quick resource management, review of work breakdown structures and other such "neato" features.

Nobody wants to be chairman at these projects. The duties and responsibilities seemingly far outweigh that of the other teammembers, and for what?!? The same damn grade!

I’ve just spend my entire day looking at Gantt’s charts, risk management tables and for a brief period… the faces of my teammembers. I was nauseous for a considerable part of the day; which happened to have nothing to do with the project at hand by the way :P. I simply forgot to eat. No breakfast, no lunch…

I see the teacher feasting on the idea that impending mistakes are nearing, but I’m not planning on giving him the satisfaction. Students still stuck in the rather deceptive silence of the genesis of a new term, oblivious to the, ever so often wittnessed, fact that the stress level is yet in the early stages of the exponential slope — trust me it’s getting there. But hey, that the way semesters start over here.

Another semester of hard labor ahead. We’re building a bot this time. Good thing is that we might be forced to use cameras on our little rover. I’m already bouncing of overdose enthusiasm on the idea of the algorithms and challenges involved in such a project — aware of the impending shock-wave of work, but yet motivated to challenge my capabilities.

And guess what… they made me the chairman :).

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