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Posted on February 25, 2011


I just spend some time rummaging through some stuff on youtube.

Some of y’all might recognise the following song as Tye Tribbet & GA’s GA Hymn. This was quite a while ago, kind of strange to listen to my playing around that time in history. Verdict: Not terrible/Not great… just okay :). The locks were barely born here :P.

Not too long ago I signed up to do some volunteer work for a art project. Joeri Pruys and his gang intended on making a “promotional” short film for OGD, an employment agency for computer/tech savvy people (aka nerds). I entered the project as “assistant grip” and ended up becoming a background actor for a few second. The creation of this video demanded some hard work. The team of people working on the video was a great bunch, though.

They even made a “making of” video :P. Kudos to the good fellas and gals at OGD.

Stel de Vraag official website | flickr photostream

Another video worthy of a little showing off is a video of the BoeBot with which our team (Kolade, Raul and I) managed to get within the winning 3 of a robot competition :)… good ol’ times!!! The wire in the video is just a power line… it’s not remotely controlled :P.

Last but not least… once in my lifetime I attempted creating 2-D animations. Don’t know what drove me to do it, don’t know what drove me to stop. It was a nice fad while it lasted :).

I even went on to create a few concept animations for a cartoon idea… a friend of mine came up with the idea of giving life to “Gorboy”. Some kid who turns into a gorilla whenever… well, can’t really recall when he would transform. Just hope it wouldn’t happy when he were angry… it would’ve been too much of a non-original Hulk parody.

I even animated a walking sequence.

Problem with this hobby was that it cost too much time for just few seconds or less of results :$. Would have been much more fun if it was done with a team of creative geniuses.

Enough with the show ‘n tell.


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