Posted on April 16, 2011


There was the call… Unsuspecting of the horrific news I was about to be dowsed with I answered the phone.

It’s my sisters birthday and on a day like this I would only expect a call from my mother to be nothing far away from pleasurable. Today I got fooled. Saw the number, accepted the call, congratulated my ma only to discover that the response wasn’t nearly as joyous as I predicted it would be.

I lost a cousin, a brother. Blood — the term commonly coined by people who closely match the stereotypical mallet that is often linked to people of my heritage. Yes, we unmistakably share a certain part of our genetic inheritance, but to me “blood” has long given birth to a new set of feelings and ideas. The chambers pumping this substance throughout my body are filled with pain. It shouldn’t have been this way. It cannot be.

Wish I were just dreaming. I would have woken up screaming after which I would have knelt down beside my bed to request the higher powers to keep a watchful eye over my family. However; I’m awake and thus the second option is rendered “invalid”. Every part of my body, through which that live-bearing substance flows, hurts. Not a physical pain. Not a pain that is a valid candidate for it’s capability of being accurately described. A strange indescribable pain. A brother is gone. Not too long ago blood has flown. Blood that isn’t unfamiliar to my physiological system. Someone I hold dear.

They’re blood because I feel for them, feel with them. It’s much more than just acknowledging a blood-based relation. It’s acknowledging a relation that is characterized by empathy for that respective person. Coining the term “blood” in fact has little to do with the superficial implications that the usage of this term might suggest to the listeners. It could be family but it doesn’t have to be.

This time it was family. Blood in every sense of the word.

A robbery. Whilst a hard-working young man earns his buck a low-life, who figured that he shouldn’t be subjected to the same amount of hard labor like most of us are, committed the deed that altered the possibility of a stray bullet marking the final chapter of a young man’s life to a fact! For what?!? This hurts really bad.

Can’t believe this! Let the angels guide your journey into whatever celestial realm lies beyond, cuz!!!


RIP SML – 15/04/2011

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