Posted on September 1, 2011


A regular apple

Apples Do Have Expiration Dates

“At last”, it thinks with a grin that gives away the fact that a though is heavily processing somewhere within its cranial cavity. The brilliant Jobs had to step back, a god to some, priest to others, Saviour to a few — one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of this time. A major position is open, a opportune moment for the ready and willing.

Though I do not dare to question Cook’s leadership, I do dare to say that things will be different. In the hours past the announcement I witnessed a certain sadness in some Apple-disciples, they knew that the departure of their leader, who made the world think about computers first and fruit second at the mention of the word “Apple”, could be evident on the long run — will be evident, most likely.

Who will be the new father of a comparable tribe? Which tribe will it be? Who has been arming him- or herself for a moment like this to jump in and quickly fill the void and dominate many hearts, or souls? Because after all, a position has just opened up.

No, there will never be a second Jobs, however; there might one day just be another one as big as or bigger than him in a unique way, of course. A creature with such a unique history, about to prove, like many others have demonstrated before, that the ideal life, as we often portray it, does not necessarily end with success. On the contrary, every successful being on this planet seems to have had a life and personality which are far from the ordinary.

So say we were to have found the next one, what would it do to us, do for us — people of the earth? Is there a candidate? Going once, going twice…

“Just let em keep their eyes open, because I’m gazing at the world around me”, it thinks and proceeds running jobs off the stack as it was doing before this thought slipped in in.

What and who will the future bring?

end transmission from cerebral section x to y — wherever they may be 😉

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