Posted on September 2, 2011



Freshly Pressed
Today’s serving of news contains another wonderful collection of extremities. Lets see what the newspapers dished out for me to read during my commute from Rotterdam to Eindhoven.

They did
Bridal fashion competition in a church hits the front page in one paper; catwalks, flashing lights and all.

Buhbye Queen
Dutch politicians who believe the Queen should be relieved of her duties, but who seemingly do believe in keeping the queen for the show/entertainment value do get some attention in the local newspapers. Cutting ribbons, visiting events and giving us a valid reason to take at least one day of the year off would be the main purpose of her majesty if the politicians get their way — What is a Queen without any power?

18 Years?
Murder! Some dude gets eighteen years for stabbing, killing, dismembering and dumping a hobo who granted himself access to the his house. Panic attack, he claims. I could imagine nearly sh*ing your pants when you walk down the stairs just to find someone who doesn’t belong walking through your home. Kinda sucks for this dude and his wife… and the hobo of course.

Sniper with BB gun still hunts the local highways. Who could this shooter be? Apparently no leads, no anything… It’s going to take a couple more shattered windows before we figure this one out, I guess.

Mile High
Prostitution has been airborne. A local entrepreneur is offering the opportunity of a lifetime… A unforgettable flight through Dutch cyberspace in a private jet with a couple if escorts to your liking. You do have to post what your naughtiest shag shack is do stand any chance of winning.

Hide and Seek
Where is Gadhafi? The biggest riddle at the moment goes yet unanswered. Bet he never lost in hide-and-seek when he was a kid.

Finally… I’ve arrived — Eindhoven, de lichtstad. The train was delayed and I have missed my connection, but the sun is shining so why not take a walk and enjoy the weather?

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