A Life in Music – Part 1

Posted on September 3, 2011


Memory Carriers and Markers of Life

We all have those songs that drip from memories all over the place when we hear them. Yeah, songs can be drenched in memories. That is more often the case than you might be aware of. Say what you want but music possesses the power to trigger emotions, thoughts, feelings and recreate entire ambiances of the time they mark. Most likely one of the top 10 radio songs will become a marker of the part of your life you are currently living. Hopefully you are treading through a good patch at the moment, but even if you weren’t overcoming the bad would always give you something positive to look at in retrospect. So the bad circumstances today, might serve as a motivation to you at later times. Just as a reminder that you pulled through successfully and YES, there probably will be a song (or a collection of songs) to accompany that.
Songs are, in a sense, markers of life.

I just thought I would be fun to compose a list of a few markers in my life… some day I’ll look at this page and recap moments as if I were flipping through a photo-album.

I’ll be Loving You (Mariah Carey ft. T.I.)

I discovered this one while watching You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (credits soundtrack, great comedy BTW) with the misses. Truly some feel-good music I can’t get enough of :). I heard it pretty recently (I watched the move last week with the misses) but I’ve listened to it for about 20 times already (only yesterday). This song will mark my final bachelor year, the year of the amazing intern gig in Eindhoven, the short-period during which Holland won a soccer match ten-to-nil (in Eindhoven), the summer that the sun chose to play hide-and-seek like Gadhafi and the period in which I fixed my dust-collecting pc by dropping a 44 euro motherboard into that little baby and the period right after my moms visit from Suriname to Holland to spend the summer with her two eldest kids — a lot of memories.

Don’t Wanna Love Your Love (Christina Milian)

Mariah’s track got me going on some tracks I know from the past with a similar feel. Back in the days I used to blast this one. I used to collect wallpapers back then, worked in the gold mines of Rosebel and played “the hiphop producer” for my friends. I already see all my high-school buddies (RIP Romeo) and the faces of my neighbors. Wait?!? I think we still had our dog (Kelly) back then…

With Or Without You (U2)

This track reminds me of Friends… remember the episodes where Ross thought he and Rachel were on a break? Amazing song!

Any Way You Want It (Journey)

I couldn’t dare make a list of containing rock songs and not mention this one. This reminds me of the time I wasn’t born yet 😀 (Well I remember it from movies, documentaries and eye-witness accounts)… those times must have been amazing :).

Use Somebody (Kings Of Leon)

This song gets me amped!!! The perfect clean-up/work-hard song.

Crazy For You (Madonna)

Yeah!!! I love this song too :P. I remember my pops and moms playing us those movies they recorded on VHS tapes from Dutch television channels… often the music had a similar feel. This just takes me back.

Don’t Stop Believing (Journey)

Yeah… Journey rocks!!!

Uptown Girl (Billy Joel)

This song was used as the background music for a commercial for a business competition (write-a-business-plan-and-win-a-price) in Suriname and the tune kinda stuck with me.

Pretender (Foo Fighters)

These guys kill guitars!!!

Life Is A Highway (Rascal Flatts)

Thanks to the animated film Cars I started listening to Rascal Flatts.

Lost (Cold Play ft. Jay-Z)

You can say what you want but this Cold Play/Jay-Z collab is the sh*t! Wouldn’t expect much different from such high caliber artists.

Lost One (Jay-Z ft. Chrisette Michele)

The piano and snare keep pulling me back for more. The producer must have been high on inspiration when shaping this masterpiece. I used to be a big Jigga fan back in the day. Now I’m just a music lover… all flavors and sizes as long as it sounds great.

One Thing (Amerie)

If you like drums you shouldn’t miss this one. Back in the days when I still worked as a technician/audio-engineer at a local radio station in Suriname we had this on the charts. Memories just keep ringing bells… Talking about it, these were the days I still played games. GTA was on the menu for me back then. Part III (Liberty City), I guess… I was a bit on the late side :P.

Long Way to Go (Cassie)

This girl was just… Well, let’s just say she covered my wallpaper around the time this track hit the radio. I still have a old drive with old crap I collected back then and I just listened to a few tracks I wrote in Reason… 😀 I’m time-traveling, baby!!!

Fireman (Lil’ Wayne)

When we were still rapping! The fellas know (Lil Dice, Sean, Fano, Nello, etc)… we were copping instrumentals like crazy, shooting hoops all day and FruityLooping all night. I even remember a rapgroup we started, called Collab

Hustler Musik (Lil’ Wayne)

“It’s my head to the sky, my feet on the ground, my fingers to the judge if the money don’t move then I won’t budge, won’t budge…”, still that Collab era.

Imagine Me (Kirk Franklin)

The sound was trademark… ask anybody about the events the churches held at Jeugdcentrum (Suriname)… this is the music that marks that era. This music — always good to get you back on track when down. Thank you, Kirk.

Revolution (Kirk Franklin)

The dry-season in tropical Suriname, 94.5 FM Radio Shalom… this was the type of sound pulsating through the airspace. At least, my brain detects a certain relationship between the track, the time, the radio-station and the place :). Couldn’t be coincidence… there must be a correlation. There was another track that we blasted back then… remember Stomp by Kirk Franklin?

In Closing

This goes to show that music is, besides the many things we’ve all (collectively as mankind) already established it is, also a carrier for memories. I just need to hear those tracks to relive certain parts of my life :). The power of music…

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