Posted on September 9, 2011


Missed It

A little late today. I skipped the commute ritual of collecting newspapers in an attempt to cut down the time it would take me to walk from the metro to the train. In retrospect I could have taken my sweet time as I still did miss the 8:17 train. 😦

As there was no time to lose I quickly got myself one of those tickets to board the much faster international train that would depart in a couple of minutes. According to the app the national rail-way transit company provided I could be at my destination just as fast… Just a buck lighter and a couple of transfers more complicated.

While We Wait

There we are then, sitting on a platform bench with a 5 kilo load in our bag, a umbrella (in case of amazing weather) and my ticket :). The Thalys train to Paris will be boarding on my platform before the international Fyra train I’m supposed to be boarding arrives. And here we go… A remarkable witness of human ingenuity halts to a stop before my feet. Something of an airplane on tracks I find it while I gaze at the suspension system near the nearest wheelbase.

All passenger cram themselves in while personnel seems to wonder how all these people could have gotten valid tickets. They’re either not boarding the train where they should be boarding or this ride has been overbooked.


A bit longer than customary but all passengers eventually do find themselves somewhere inside the metal snake. The platform personnel make a couple of jokes among themselves along the lines of sardines being crowded in a small space as the train slowly takes off. A couple of 100 meters behind a confusing array of track switches the Fyra lies in wait — slowly taxiing while anticipating to the impending green sign to approach the platform.

So much activity — It’s almost like an airport over here.


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