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Terminal Managers or Multiplexers

August 11, 2011


Why Would You Use A Terminal Manager/Multiplexer? I’ve been forced to look beyond the conventional bread-and-butter IDE’s since my “good” computer just popped a few caps on its motherboard. I’m currently running an old Pentium 4 beige box who as it is, already has a lot of trouble running Ubuntu at reasonable speed. Eclipse and […]

Figuring out Mimetypes for Android

August 1, 2011


Where Can I View The MimeTypes Supported By Android? The mimetypes for Android are stored somewhere on a database, but sadly I have not yet found a published version of this list that developers can use for reference. In most cases, the developer would at least know the extension of the file. This could actually […]

Useful Links to Get OpenCV to Work with Android

June 13, 2011


Why? I do too much different things and might forget what I’ve figured out before. So this is a public note-to-self. After playing around with open-source projects for quite a while I must add that they hardy ever work right the first time. Coders planning to attempt using any of the many wonderful open-source initiatives […]