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A Life in Music – Part 1

September 3, 2011


Memory Carriers and Markers of Life We all have those songs that drip from memories all over the place when we hear them. Yeah, songs can be drenched in memories. That is more often the case than you might be aware of. Say what you want but music possesses the power to trigger emotions, thoughts, […]

Youtube Appearances

February 25, 2011


I just spend some time┬árummaging through some stuff on youtube. Some of y’all might recognise the following song as Tye Tribbet & GA’s GA Hymn. This was quite a while ago, kind of strange to listen to my playing around that time in history. Verdict: Not terrible/Not great… just okay :). The locks were barely […]

The Destination After the Journey

February 19, 2011


“Whoa-oa-oa!┬áI feel good, *vocalizes sax* nehneh nehneh nehneh neh!!!! I knew that I would, now!!!” Here I sit, behind my bureau with a big bowl of corn flakes; freshly out of the showers after hibernating for 10 straight hours. Yeah!!! Last friday, vrijdag in Dutch (literally meaning “freeday”), signified my true liberation from some fairly […]

Gotta miss North Sea Jazz?!?

July 7, 2010


I’m checking the line-up… imagining what it would’ve been like to actually be able to go but yeah… i choose to study… kind of dropped working besides that which leaves me with a empty wallets. No NSJ for me I guess *sights*. DAMN!!! If I could go… i would’ve definitely checked it out. I mean, […]

Amazing MJ Tribute by Jean-Baptiste CRAIPEAU

February 16, 2010


Nothing from the brain this time. I was just doing some homework when I got this video through twitter. Wow!!! If you wanna see something amazing, check out this guy – Jean-Baptiste Craipeau. He’s doing some crazy things on youtube; recording songs in a capella over multiple tracks to get all the “instrument” parts down. […]