Useful Links to Get OpenCV to Work with Android

June 13, 2011


Why? I do too much different things and might forget what I’ve figured out before. So this is a public note-to-self. After playing around with open-source projects for quite a while I must add that they hardy ever work right the first time. Coders planning to attempt using any of the many wonderful open-source initiatives […]

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April 16, 2011


There was the call… Unsuspecting of the horrific news I was about to be dowsed with I answered the phone. It’s my sisters birthday and on a day like this I would only expect a call from my mother to be nothing far away from pleasurable. Today I got fooled. Saw the number, accepted the […]

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Underground Part 1 – New York

March 15, 2011


View of New York Skyline at Night

Beneath the Skin of the Apple Do we ever really cease to think what is happening a few feet below our feet? Last weekend I spend a considerable amount of time watching documentaries, and honestly… we live on the most fascinating 5.9 million exatonnes of matter. Yes, many of us seem to be captivated by […]

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Explosive Wall Art

February 28, 2011


Alexandre Farto's explosive artwork in NYC

I just came across some wall art by Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils) while scrolling through the items on the hackaday site. Truth be told… this fella’s work is remarkable. Apparently Alexandre extracts elaborate sketches/carvings from mortared brick walls by exposing them to the brute force of explosives. Planting the explosive charges at military precision, takes a mere […]

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Youtube Appearances

February 25, 2011


A glimpse at kingvidbina's YouTube channel

I just spend some time rummaging through some stuff on youtube. Some of y’all might recognise the following song as Tye Tribbet & GA’s GA Hymn. This was quite a while ago, kind of strange to listen to my playing around that time in history. Verdict: Not terrible/Not great… just okay :). The locks were barely […]

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Another One of Those

February 23, 2011


The Gantts chart for a school project viewed in a Project Management tool

Nobody wants to be chairman at these projects. The duties and responsibilities seemingly far outweigh that of the other teammembers, and for what?!? The same damn grade! I’ve just spend my entire day looking at Gantt’s charts, risk management tables and for a brief period… the faces of my teammembers. I was nauseous for a […]

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Graffiti Comes to Life

February 20, 2011


Was just browsing some artist’s website/blog and stumbled across a few artistic masterpieces by a bunch of super artists. Man, they create some impressive works!!! I personally kept thinking about challenges in creating this animation because they seriously painted the 10 minutes of material frame by frame. Imagine the time and manpower that this project demanded. […]

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