September 9, 2011


Missed It A little late today. I skipped the commute ritual of collecting newspapers in an attempt to cut down the time it would take me to walk from the metro to the train. In retrospect I could have taken my sweet time as I still did miss the 8:17 train. 😦 As there was […]

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A Life in Music – Part 1

September 3, 2011


Music = Life

Memory Carriers and Markers of Life We all have those songs that drip from memories all over the place when we hear them. Yeah, songs can be drenched in memories. That is more often the case than you might be aware of. Say what you want but music possesses the power to trigger emotions, thoughts, […]

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September 2, 2011


Freshly Pressed Today’s serving of news contains another wonderful collection of extremities. Lets see what the newspapers dished out for me to read during my commute from Rotterdam to Eindhoven. They did Bridal fashion competition in a church hits the front page in one paper; catwalks, flashing lights and all. Buhbye Queen Dutch politicians who […]

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September 1, 2011


A regular apple

Apples Do Have Expiration Dates “At last”, it thinks with a grin that gives away the fact that a though is heavily processing somewhere within its cranial cavity. The brilliant Jobs had to step back, a god to some, priest to others, Saviour to a few — one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of this […]

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Underground Part 2 – San Francisco

August 28, 2011


The Usual Introductory Words California!!! Not too much introduction needed for the quake and sunshine ridden state along North America’s west coast. Within California lies the city that popularized the hippie subculture in the mid 60’s — San Francisco. What I had seemed to find equally interesting about this city besides the many pop-culture references […]

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Terminal Managers or Multiplexers

August 11, 2011


GNU Screen offers many great features such as running multiple terminal session within the same application window. The greatest feature is the split functionality that it offers.

Why Would You Use A Terminal Manager/Multiplexer? I’ve been forced to look beyond the conventional bread-and-butter IDE’s since my “good” computer just popped a few caps on its motherboard. I’m currently running an old Pentium 4 beige box who as it is, already has a lot of trouble running Ubuntu at reasonable speed. Eclipse and […]

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Figuring out Mimetypes for Android

August 1, 2011


Where Can I View The MimeTypes Supported By Android? The mimetypes for Android are stored somewhere on a database, but sadly I have not yet found a published version of this list that developers can use for reference. In most cases, the developer would at least know the extension of the file. This could actually […]

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